Buyer Policy

Since all of Our products are made by order, please allow a max of 14-25 days to finish and we will straightly ship it by Your choosen shipping method.

You are elligible to have my Return and Refund Policy if:

- Your order(s) is lost in shipping process or You have not received it in 35 days since shipped (only valid if the tracking is not available, and does not valid if tracking says that it has already in your country).

- Item came malfunction (does not cover if You break the item Yourselves / Disassambly without any knowledge).

-Item damaged due shipping process (please let me know before hand, so we can claim the shipping insurance).

You may cancel your order(s) only in 3 Days period since you made the order(s), after that You may no longer cancel Your order(s).

Please read this ToS carefully before ordering.

Best Regards,